Disability Data New to Northeastada.org

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Eastern
Presented by:
  • Bill Erickson
  • Joe Zesski

Do you want to encourage your community to serve the disability community?  Explain the scope of our community!  The ability to find and use statistics to advocate for people with disabilities is critical for advocates, policymakers, and business owners who wish to understand the scope of  disability in the community. To help explain why the ADA is so critical to community access, the Northeast ADA Center is getting smart on data.  We are pulling Disabilitystatistics.org, a trusted resource on disability data, into our website! Join Bill Erickson, resident disability statistics expert, as he introduces disabilitystatistics.org to the Northeast ADA Center community.  He will review the tool and explain what kind of data can be found in it. Bill will also discuss how and why this information can be practically applied and effectively employed to inform those who need to be educated about the scope of disability.


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